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    Future Directions

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    Hi VC Relations SIG members, Thanks to each of you for joining this SIG.  With an eye toward making this SIG as interesting and practical as possible: what discussion topics would be of greatest interest to you?  What information would be most helpful ...

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    Hello All.  I will be attending the 2018 Compliance Conference this year in Bethesda, MD.  When I signed up I did not realize it was during the most important time of the year, Election time Nov. 5 - Nov. 7.  I notified AUTM of this and asked for them ...

  • Posted in: Compliance SIG1

    We've recently been working directly with the AFRL office in Rome, NY on an AF grant that is formatted: F12345-02-1-0123. Judith Decker has retired. Angela Durso (angela.durso@us.af.mil) is the new paralegal there. Their iEdison account has been reactivated ...

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