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    Hi Benjamin, I suggest that you reach out to folks in the VC world, especially those with PhDs so that you might follow their paths. Three individuals listed in the SIG spreadsheet have PhDs, so you may want to reach out to them directly, as well as ...

  • Posted in: VC Relations SIG

    Hi all, I am a PhD student in biochemistry and am currently interning in the TTO at University of Georgia. I really enjoy the work I'm doing here and am looking for opportunities in TTOs after graduation. My question as it relates to the VC SIG; VC also ...

  • Posted in: VC Relations SIG

    Dear VC relations SIG members, Do spinout founders or CEOs ever ask you for introductions to investors? If so, what information (introductions, template materials for working with investors, etc.) do you give them? Also, in our SIG library we now have ...

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