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    Hello everyone, I was hoping to confirm with anyone who has used the NASA e-NTR portal to report an invention disclosure: Which day does NASA count as the official date for meeting the Bayh-Dole 60-day initial reporting deadline -- is it the day that ...

  • Posted in: Compliance SIG1

    Good day, everyone, I saw something like this requested elsewhere in AUTM. I am wondering if anyone has a successful paper checklist (word/excel) for tracking Bayh-Dole/Federal reporting. If so, could you reach out to me direct? Or, provide me a copy? ...

  • Dear All, As you may know, the NIST Technology Partnerships Office is overseeing the rebuild of the interagency Edison (iEdison) system for extramural invention reporting under the Bayh-Dole Act – and this is your opportunity to help improve iEdison. ...

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