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    Century Club!

    The Social Innovation SIG is rapidly approaching 100 members. Help us roll on into the century club by encouraging others to join. There will be some information about the SIG in the upcoming member newsletter. So, if you aren't already subscribed- SUBSCRIBE! ...

  • Hi! Welcome to AUTM! I am not, but I would love to hear your takeaways after. Feel free to connect. ------------------------------ Serenity Wright Ed.D University of Kentucky UK Innovate Associate Director, Social Innovation Lexington KY ---------- ...

  • Hi everyone, I am new to AUTM and was wondering if any members of the Social Innovation SIG will be attending the AUTM University in Baltimore? Thanks Eimear ------------------------------ Eimear Barrett PhD Social Science Commercialisation Manager ...

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Joining a SIG is done through your profile on the AUTM website

  • Click on the Login dropdown at the top of the AUTM.net homepage
  • Choose Edit Profile from the dropdown list 
  • On the welcome page, type in your username and password and click the orange sign in button
  • On the Member Profile page, choose the SIG tab
  • Select the box(es) of the SIG(s) you would like to join
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • Allow up to 24 hours for your selections to activate

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