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About Mentor Match

Welcome! The AUTM Mentorship Program is an opportunity for AUTM members to establish one-on-one relationships with experts in university technology management.

Why seek mentorship through the AUTM Mentor Match Program? 

  •   Receive guidance on how to grow and advance your career in academic technology commercialization from someone who has been in your shoes
Grow your professional network through your mentor and their connections
Expose yourself to different experiences and different ways of thinking
Have a sounding board for your approaches to dealing with career situations and challenges.

Why become a Mentor? 

  •   Give back to the community! Others likely helped you find your way at the start of your career; now you can help someone else find theirs 
Be an active AUTM member. AUTM has always been about professional development and excellence. Being a mentor allows you to play your part for the AUTM community
 Expose yourself to new thoughts and fresh ideas from your mentee

AUTM Mentorship Program Information:

  •  2024 Mentorship Cohort will run from February to August 2024.
  •  Mentorship pairs expected to meet on monthly basis
  •  Mentors and Mentees expected to attend 2024 Cohort Kickoff in February 
  •  Mentees expected to participate in monthly events

1. Start

Complete your AUTM profile. Make sure contact information is up to date, expand on your bio and import your education and job history information from LinkedIn. Having a complete and accurate profile is crucial to the success of selection and matching. Profile complete? Return to this page for step 2. 

2. Enroll

Are you looking to be a mentor or mentee? Perhaps both? Sign up here! You can also search the current enrolled mentors and mentees and indicate your preference for a match. 

  •   Enroll as a Mentor
  •   Enroll as a Mentee

3. Connect

The mentorship program will connect you with your mentor/mentee. Both mentor and mentee are expected to attend the 2024 Cohort Kickoff Event to start the program. Then let the mentoring begin!



"I have been truly fortunate to be a member of AUTM since early in my career in technology transfer. Now, as a more than twenty-year member and volunteer, the mentorship program provides me a way to give back in a very direct manner to not only give back to the profession, but learn from and network with the next generation that will lead the way in advancing academic innovations."


Kirsten Leute

Senior Vice President of University Relations

Osage University Partners


"I could not recommend the AUTM mentorship enough to those early in the tech transfer careers. I was fortunate to have an excellent senior licensing manager as a mentor. Their experience and knowledge greatly helped in supplementing my education in the field of tech transfer, especially in navigating new challenges that commonly arise in a TTO. More importantly, they routinely provided the valuable perspective and insight of someone working in a different TTO that will certainly aid my success moving forward in my career." 

Dylan Laug
Licensing Associate
Baylor College of Medicine

"The AUTM mentorship program is one of the most beneficial ways to get up-to-speed as a newcomer to the world of technology transfer.  My mentor is a highly experienced tech transfer professional and just as importantly, a kind and approachable person willing to share their wealth of knowledge.  The periodic cohort meetings were educational, as well; providing an opportunity to learn from and get to know colleagues with varied backgrounds from across the country.  The entire program helped move me down the learning curve.  A great experience that I highly recommend!"

Dennis Feeney
Special Project Coordinator
Boise State University