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Army STTR Industry/Research Institution Day Sept 10, 2019 Chapel Hill, NC

By Catherine Wendelken posted 08-29-2019 00:00


The Army invites research institutions and small businesses to attend its September 10, 2019 STTR Industry Day Event in Chapel Hill, NC at The Friday Center.  Please register at the link below.  It is an opportunity to network and to form collaborations to apply for one of the 21 PH I awards and 7 PH II awards.  Additionally, the Army’s office of small business programs and application reviewers will be there to answer questions as to how to submit a successful application. 

There are 7 topics. The authors of the 7 topics will be present to answer questions. Descriptions of the 7 topics are provided via the registration link below.   


Here is the link to the registration form,