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Interested in Playing Card or Board Games at 2017 Central Region Meeting?

By Eric Guttag posted 03-21-2017 13:59

For those who are coming to the 2017 Central Region Meeting and would like to "relax" by playing some card or board games, have I got an idea for you!  I'm planning to bring to Chicago several card games (e.g., Uno, Dominion, 7 Wonders: Duel, Thunderstone, Splendor, Race for the Galaxy, Eminent Domain, Castles of Burgundy-The Card Game, Bang!), as well as several board games (e.g., Blokus, Lords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride, Roll for the Galaxy, Settlers of Catan, Suburbia) that are easy to learn, generally play in 20-60 minutes, are fun (i.e. are not Monopoly or Risk), and go well with your favorite fruit of the vine (wine) or malt beverage (beer).  For those who are already "gamers," or are simply interested in having some fun and learning/playing some new card and board games, please do contact me at  Also, if you already a "gamer," please feel free to bring a game (or 2 or 3) to Chicago to share with the rest of us.  Time(s) and day(s) of this 2017 AUTM Central Region Meeting "gamefest" to be determined later.