The Latest News About the AUTM GTP

By Robin Rasor posted 02-08-2012 11:17

I'm thrilled to report that the AUTM Global Technology Portal (GTP) experienced a successful launch Monday, Feb. 6. The site already has nearly 4,000 listings of available technologies – clearly many more visitors and technologies to follow. If you haven't had a chance to visit the GTP yet, please login now and tell us what you think.

On behalf of the AUTM Board, I'd like to thank Laura Schoppe, AUTM VP for Strategic Alliances for the incredible amount of personal /volunteer time and effort she provided to make the GTP a reality. The idea for the GTP first arose after AUTM surveyed members. We asked how AUTM could help you achieve success, and the vast majority of you responded by asking us to help you do deals. The Board made this a priority, decided that a website to connect our members with industry would serve this need, and the idea for the GTP was born. Turning that idea into a free member benefit and valuable resource took a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we couldn't have done it without Laura and the help of the AUTM GTP Task Force.


You may have already seen several of us (in particular Ashley Stevens, Laura, and me) at various conferences and other venues promoting the GTP online and/or in person. AUTM recognizes the need to get wide participation by our university members as well as industry to make this a success. Help us get the word out too by telling your colleagues and partner organizations about the GTP.

The AUTM GTP was designed by AUTM and developed by AUTM’s vendor, PatSnap. PatSnap was chosen after an RFP process that brought in 10 responses. Our selection committee (composed of university representatives and facilitated by Laura) was impressed with PatSnap's proposal, and we couldn't be more pleased that they delivered on everything they promised. We’d like to thank PatSnap for their hard work in getting the GTP online within time and budget. We’d also like to note the hard work of other IP management system vendors who have worked with the AUTM/Patsnap team to enable our members easy connectivity to the GTP for their technologies, most notably Inteum, KSS, and Wellspring. Several universities also helped us in establishing alternate XML uploading methods, among them Massachusetts Technology Portal, University of California and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. These organizations, and many more I can’t name here or the blog will get too long, are the reason our launch this week is off to a great start.

On Tuesday, AUTM held a free webinar on the GTP, and nearly 300 people participated. Our expectation is that the webinar has helped organizations learn how to post their information—that’s a nudge that you should get going on your postings! We will post the recording on the AUTM website within the next two weeks. Be sure to set aside some time to view the webinar or go to our
GTP help page.

We’re confident the GTP will be one of AUTM's most valuable member benefits, and we're pleased that we can offer one more tool to help in your success. You asked for it, and AUTM delivered. This is just one example of why it is so important to provide your feedback to AUTM. We listen, and we are prepared to introduce programs and services that help you advance discoveries for a better world.